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AFG Global Shipping is a professionally managed shipping company running with an objective to offer timely, efficient and cost-effective shipping services.

Thanks to our well experienced work force, we have portrayed exceptional customer service consistently. It’s a privilege to have the premium clients who trusted us since the inception. While we focus on increasing our clientele, we never comprise on delivering high quality service to our existing clients, who built the foundation for us in the local and international market.

AFG Global Shipping has gone far beyond than a traditional shipping company by expanding the range of services offered every now and then. We purely believe in the theory “Customer driven business”. We have expanded our business and market segments based on our customer’s requirements and thankfully, we were on the right path.

Today, we stand in the market as a trend setter in the industry by offering out of the box solutions to our customers.

Mission & Vision

As a logistics and shipping company, the AFG Global mission is to decrease freight management inefficiencies and to provide maximum hard and soft cost savings for our customers in the process of shipping LTL (less than truckload) or truckload freight and small package freight by providing logistics solutions through our powerful and proprietary web-based proprietary transportation management system, the AFG Global Rater, and integrated managed transportation services.

The AFG Global vision is to establish ourselves as the best logistics service provider by garnering the respect of our shippers and developing successful and satisfied customers and employees by focusing on our niche: re-engineering the approach to solving our customers logistics processes and freight management needs, especially those who ship freight via less-than-truckload (LTL).


Open and creative to customer and employee solutions

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of our people and services


Respect of individuals and their contribution to the team


Faithful and devoted to our company at all times.


Perform and maintain our functions in all circumstances


Using the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest outputs

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